App built with your patients in mind.


Help your customers make bookings with ease when they feel like it.

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MeTIME Wellness is an app built solely for the customers of our subscribers. It allows online booking,
historical transaction viewing and soon; over-the-app purchases.

Online Booking

Easy booking over the app with preferred doctor selection

Your customer can now perform booking over the app by selecting their Preferred Outlet, Service, Date, Staff and Time.

Promotion View

Give customers a view of all running promotions in MeTIME Wellness

Your promotions will now be visible with all your customers. They would also be able to contact you if they are interested in purchasing them.

Transaction Authorisation Code

Secure your customers' redemptions through TAC

Reduce fraud with MeTIME Wellness. Using a TAC number, all customers' redemptions are secured. No more complaints on incorrect redemptions.

Booking Approval

Approve, Reject or Reschedule bookings

When customer performs a booking, their booking will be under "Pending Approval“ requiring you to Approve, Reject or Reschedule the request.

Account Overview

Track Historical Purchases with Ease

Give customers full control of their purchases, allowing them to view their historical purchases, balance credits and services from MeTIME Wellness.

How It Benefits Your Business

Exclusivity and increased loyalty with patients
Approve, Reject or Reschedule appointments
Advertise Promotions directly to the app

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